Celery Cloud Hosting

We host your Celery queue and workers so you can focus on building your product, not infrastructure.

When your Python Web application grows larger, at some point you will have to incorporate background job processing. This usually means setting up additional infrastructure: A task queue like Celery, backed by a queue server like RabbitMQ, result storage, additional monitoring, etc.

If you don't want to waste your time and money with these troublesome things, we've got you covered! We run all of these things for you so you can focus on building your product, not building infrastructure.


Fully managed Celery

Run your background jobs on our fully managed, high-performance Celery cluster. No infrastructure setup, no server configuration, no monitoring. Get started in a matter of seconds with our zero-configuration Celery Hosting.


Infinitely scalable

Maximum concurrency with unlimited number of parallel backgrounds jobs. The number of Celery workers running for your application is scaled automatically according to current demand.


Your favorite framework

Celery Cloud Hosting works with any Python application, and has special support for popular Web frameworks like Django and Flask.